A Little About Me

I grew up in the New York City area and now live in London, UK, with my husband and sons. I have always believed people  are the most exciting and interesting part of life and I've always wanted to understand what made them tick. From a young age I loved to socialize and be friends with people of various ethnicity and social standing—not just my own group of family and friends, but those with diverse  backgrounds and upbringings.

After school I decided to dedicate my life to helping others enhance their quality of life and haven't looked back since!

I have had over 30 years experience as a mentor, counsellor, life coach and teacher.  I have travelled extensively in South America, Asia, East Europe and West Europe, organizing and participating in social, educational and altruistic projects, promoting personal development, and encouraging a better quality of life for the nationals of the countries I have lived in, both physically and spiritually.

Besides 1 to 1 coaching, I facilitate workshops on various self-development topics and  volunteer for a local charity, where I give support to families under stress with young children and pro-bono parent coaching. 

From an early age I have been involved with working with children and teens in different capacities. At age 14 I took my first live-in job as a nanny during school holidays and loved it. Since then I have always had a desire to help care for and teach children and young people and to help raise awareness for those caring for them of how to raise and teach them positively.

As a  Coach I  put a lifetime of experience to good use, as I empower you to innovate, change, and move forward toward your chosen goals.

My mission in life continues to be to help put inspiration and guidance into the lives of those I come in contact with and to do my part to help enhance quality of life.

Certification includes

Certified Life Coach:(American Union of NLP)

Certified NLP Practitioner:(American Union of NLP)

Life Coaching Skills Certificate: (New Castle College)

Homestart-Barnet Home Support Training Programme (including on-going child safeguarding and child  development seminars/workshops, etc.)

Home School Teacher: (Christian Light Education-CLE; Christian Vocational Academy-CVA)

Home Education Course Developer-(CVA)  

Youth Counseling- (CVA)

Child Care- (CVA)


Organizer of Meet-Up Groups including Parenting and Life Transformational Workshops

President of West London Coach Support Group (facilitation and presenting monthly workshops)

Facilitator of Early Learning Seminars, Workshops and Youth Camps Internationally

Homestart-Barnet Family Support Giver and Mentor (weekly support visits to families under stress)

Home Education Teacher (Teaching classes of home-schooled children)

Teacher of English as a Second Language in Public Schools

New Mum Support Giver and Mentor

Montessori Teacher

Mum to Five Sons

Contact Me to find out more and for a free coaching consultation.

email-me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  phone-meNew York (631) 343-6704    phone-me London +44 7532 180 405   

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