Blue quote marksI would like to share with you my experience from the support Judi offered me. I imagine, every parent has a tough time when being (and trying  to be) the best parent for your child. I had a great deal of trouble to parent my 11 year old daughter.It is not my intention to describe the nature and background of the difficulties, as it is a complex and private matter but I would like to share my experience of having Judi as a coach for the help I needed.

It is not always rewarding to be a parent and every parent has different circumstances- it is like a different puzzle to create and to built with what is given to you as a parent and how to make the best of it. Sometimes -and as I imagine every parent goes through the same- you feel lost- even for a while and you might be a bit lost, so you look for better understanding and the way forward.

I believe that Judi helped me to gain the confidence back and to hold on in difficult moments to listen to my own inner voice- and to gain broader view about the best way forward.

I attended several classes with Judi, and each time I learned and practised modern ways of parenting skills and  techniques and how to broaden and to gain a new perspective.

Even after I completed the first stage course- Judi was there to help me and gave me advice by email answering in details my doubts when I needed.

There are several resources available and every time I had handouts sent to me to master the lessons. Recently I discovered a book available on Judi's web-site, which was breathtaking to read and inspiring.

Judi was able to help and to advice not just about strictly parenting ways, but also offered general guidance for me as a person, took me through my "stuck points", which in turn helped me as a parent as well...

It is invaluable to have the support when you need it and knowing that the person you ask for help and advice will have the skills and the confidence to give you the best and adequate advice.

It is priceless to be a better parent- or the best parent you can be.

Thank you Judi.  Magda

I had some moments in my life when I didn't have a clue where to go and what to dofirst in my career.There were so many options, so many opportunities around me, but none seemed to fit my needs and desires, so I felt lost in an ocean of indecision. In one of these periods (which weren't numerous) I had the opportunity of meeting Judi. I've known just a few things about coaching before, but she generously and patiently took  some time to clear my thoughts. She put the right questions for helping me prioritize my work and gave valuable information about how to stick to those conclusions and transform them into action. It was a great experience I would like to repeat and I warmly recommend Judi to anyone feeling vulnerable, undecided or just curious about coaching. Irina

I found Judi extremely helpful, both on a personal and a business level. She came across as caring, interested and insightful. I found her to be a great help. I have no hesitations in recommending her. Anyta


Although I have only known Judi for a short period of time, I believe she is a lady you can trust. As a trainee life coach myself, I have learnt so much to improve my techniques just by watching and listening to her in action. I have also received one to one coaching from Judi, which was a truly 'food for thought' experience. Her measured response really helped me to get the many priorities in my life in the right order. Thank you Judi. Sally

I’ve heard about life coaching and I had a vague idea of what it is about, but I didn’t really know exactly. I decided to  have a coaching session with Judi as I  was feeling very unsure of myself and my capabilities for a new job I was about to start. This worry was hanging over me and was giving me stress. Through very simple questions, Judi was able to get me to face my fears and think about the best and worst scenarios that could happen. She was then able to ask me more questions that got me to think realistically about potential pitfalls & weaknesses and how I can constructively deal with problems to reduce possible failures. I now feel calm in my mind. I feel I have done my preparations the best I can for my job and I’m prepared to face and deal with the problems I was worrying about, should they come up – or face being a success in my new job!  As Judi said, it wasn’t her ideas that helped me, she simply guided me to discovering answers for myself by asking me the right questions!  Judi is very warm and friendly, I highly recommend her and I now understand the benefits of life coaching. Joy

Recently my husband and I went through a stressful time. We had just moved house, money was short and there was plenty to take care of.
Our relationship was suffering and we did not seem to be able to agree on things and work together which just added more stress!
We asked Judi for help and set an appointment for a coaching session via skype. It was great to have her positive input. She helped us to put our priorities in order and encouraged us to actively seek ways to work together and value one another instead of complaining and placing the blame on the other.
I was grateful to have someone professional to actively listen without judging and getting emotionally involved. I will highly recommend her coaching.   I

Judi helped me to make some crucial decisions at a turning point in my life. Together we were able to draw up an action plan that really worked for me and because of it I have been able to reach my target, which I had previously thought would be very difficult, if not impossible.   Isa

I can wholeheartedly recommend Judi. She was of great help to me when trying to start up my own business and sorting out priorities in life.  She always showed a great deal of interest in everything I had to say, and actively listened, at times giving thoughtful, sensible, advice.  She helped me work out a step by step action plan to achieve my goals.  Judi is a very kind, considerate lady and I am certain that everything discussed will remain confidential.    Jennie

You too can fly above the clouds and live a successful and inspired life!