Spiritual coaching is everything that life coaching is, with an added element of focusing on your spirituality. 

Spiritual coaching will deal more with inner feelings, prayer, emotions, and intuition. 
Spiritual coaching helps you to learn how to use your spiritual gifts as tools to overcome life’s problems.

Spiritual coaching helps you connect with your true self. This is often done by helping you establish your personal belief system or to become aware of your intuition and how to put it to work.  It could also be helping you to establish your Life Goals and Life Purpose or helping you to decide what qualities you want in your life and what your priorities are.
When you are aware of your own Life Purpose and your Belief system, and are taking the journey towards fulfilling your spiritual goals, the benefits overflow onto all areas of your life.

You can then

 Be creative.
 Possess inner peace.
 Foster better interpersonal relationships and skills.
 Be self assured.
 Develop better leadership qualities.
 Cultivate better team working skills.
 Be inspired about your life in general.
 Tap into your own intuition.
 Recognize the value of co-workers intuition.

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