Being a parent is one of the most important careers in the world. It is a full-fledged career, not just a job. As a parent you are raising up the  next generation. You are holding the future in your arms, every time you rock that crying baby to sleep. You are a role model for your teen who notices everything you do. It is a full time job. Even if you have other people who help care for your children in various ways, you the parent still are the one ultimately responsible for them.

This responsibility can be overwhelming for  many. Parents need varying kinds of support to really do the job justice. Like the old saying goes: “It takes a village to properly raise a child.”

I  home educated my 5 sons. Over the years I also helped home educate the children of many of my colleagues, including building a curriculum and establishing classrooms. I have mentored many new mums and helped care for endless children as if they were my own. Organizing and participating in English Camps for young people and seminars on the subject of early learning education, natural childbirth and teaching English as a second language is part of my portfolio.

But, more important than anything, I have a good connection with children and their parents and have a deep intuitive understanding of parenthood and all it entails. I have a deep seated belief that you, as a parent, are the best one to help your child and to give him/her what they need to have the best chance in this world.

Most parents need some help to put their own natural resources and intuition to good use. Often they don’t even realize they possess the skills it takes to successfully raise a child!

How Will I help?

I will coach you around parenting challenges such as:

  •     Low self esteem

  •     Common childhood problems

  •     Loneliness or feelings of isolation

  •     Feelings of inadequacy

  •     How to develop your parenting intuition

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children do finally grow up








           They DO grow up!

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