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Introduction to Quotes for Success Ebook

I have discovered a formula for success. Success with any goal you want to achieve, in any field, whether large or small. The formula is: intuition  + inspiration + initiative = innovation. I call it the 4 i’s.

Innovation can actually be the beginning or the end. You can start the process knowing you need to innovate, knowing what solution you want, but needing the steps to get there. Or you can start the process by listening to your intuition, not knowing where it is leading you and following the formula to achieve innovation as an end result. Only it’s not really the end. It actually is a beginning, because once you innovate, that will lead to new projects, new inspirations and you will continue. So it is a moving, breathing process that actually never has to stop.

This book is a compilation of quotes relating to each phase of the 4i’s. Some are from others, with my comments, some are mine.  This book is not meant to be read through at one or even several sittings. Ideally, read just one quote a day. Reflect on it. Apply it to yourself, even if it means changing some of the words to fit your particular situation. By the time you are finished reading all the quotes it is my wish that you will be more in tune with how to apply the 4i’s in your life and therefore closer to taking steps forward towards your success.
Judi Saunders

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Excerpts from the book:


Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation – Eileen Caddy.
We need more emphasis on using the right brain, more creativity to solve problems.


Motivation is what happens when you take hold of an idea. Inspiration is what happens when an idea takes hold of you- Wayne Dyer.
Stop for a minute today to admire a bit of nature: the clouds, some flowers. Get inspired!


One thing we will never get back again is time. Once it’s gone, it will never return. So take initiative while you can and use the time well. Watch out for the roadblocks to initiative and keep moving forward.


Just because you did it that way yesterday, doesn’t mean you have to do it that way today! If you can find some easier, quicker, shorter, better, faster way to do it, do it! Be open to change.

Reader Reactions:

“It’s a really interesting book. If one reads that everyday, he is sure to gain success in his life and be a more lively person with innovative ideas and with positive thoughts. I really liked it and the way the quotes have been presented.”—Lineeta Seebaruth

“I love inspirational quotes, such sound advise given in just a few words. Thank you for this Judi. One of my very favourite quotes is by the famous South African golfer, Gary Player, “The more I practice, the luckier I get”.—Carol Wilson

Download the complete book for free!

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