Life Transformation Workshops


Transform Your Life!

Life Transformation Workshops in London

Our goal is to help each other get in touch with inner wisdom and creativity.We want to illuminate any area of our life where we may feel stuck or in need of help. When we share experiences like this together, instead of going it alone, we emerge stronger, clearer, brighter, more inspired, empowered and more open to life. We often try to solve our problems with logical thought and we just can't quite get there that way! Some situations need something different to solve them!

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Positive Parenting Workshops

A Series of Parenting Workshops in London


They are the best psychologists in the world. They learn from an incredibly early age how to push our buttons, pull our strings and wrap us around their finger. Yet, as their parent or carer, we will do anything for them. They are the apple of our eye and the tormentor of our soul. Once we have a child, our life is transformed, for better or for worse.

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