Much of where we arrive in life depends upon fatalistic or hopeful decisions and choices that we make during our journey. Sometimes we don’t get to where we are heading because deep down that is not what we ultimately want and so we unconsciously self-sabotage ourselves. As a result, we can feel defeated and disappointed with our lot.

But how do we find our true passion in life?

 Motivation plays such a key to success. It can mean the difference between showing up at the finish line or giving up, fatigued and discouraged, when the reward is just around the next bend. 

How do we stay excited and inspired?

Keeping up the momentum can be exhausting and tiring. It would be more comfortable to relax and take it easy, but then we make no progress. 

How do we find the power and spirit to keep moving forward?

 Having the guts and enthusiasm to step out and try something unique can be terrifying. What if we fail? But when we succeed it is wonderful and well worth the pain and effort. That strong adrenalin rush we get when we realize that we did it, we have reached the goal, makes it all worthwhile. 

How on earth can we be so courageous and determined?

The 4i’s Success Strategy answers these questions and more.

Intuition + inspiration + initiative = innovation.

This downloadable course for busy people will help you to:

  • Tune into your intuition so that you can really understand yourself and make the right choices. 
  • Find that spark and inspiration that helps propel you forward. 
  • Continue to take initiative and make progress. 
  • Be innovation and creative, finding solutions and new ways of doing things.

Listen to what those who have taken it say:

"The format of the 4 i’s Course was pleasant and the tone was upbeat and positive. It is very well written. I enjoyed the writing and what was said. The information presented was reassuring and kind. It is a marvelous effort and looks beautiful."  Deborah Burstyn, Communications Professional 
"Although I've read a lot about the topic of intuition, I thought the Course offered a lot more insight and made it easy to understand."   Maria Paipeti, English Tutor
"I liked the different media applications which were employed in the course and the quotes and anecdotes helped to spark interest." Phil, Musician 
"The 4i's Course is a very needed, essential and useful tool for anyone who wants to see changes in their lives and want to work slowly towards their success. They will see positive changes in their lives in a relatively short time by putting these steps into practice! It is a very beautifully prepared and constructed program that is extremely user - friendly and should be so easy for people to implement. If someone even slightly attempts to follow these principles, they will be surprised at the changes they bring to their lives. It is very helpful with very applicable counsel and tips. I found it very enjoyable and format was very dynamic and easy to relate to.  it was very clear, fluid and transitioned from one point to another very well!" K. Henderson, Teacher
"There were many strategies I’m not currently using/applying. I loved the graphics and the way it kept just the right level of concentration/relaxation to make partaking of it a pleasant, positive experience.  I'd definitely feel confident in recommending it at any level."  Claire Wilkinson, educator and writer.

Follow your passion.

Stay motivated.

Keep up the momentum.

Enjoy your success.

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Option 4 PDF: Investment of 10 minutes a day for 4 months

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Intuition, Inspiration, Initiative and Innovation

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